Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Putting the Pieces together – Paris Bombings, 9/11, NESARA/GESARA, FREE ENERGY & World Peace

 We have got to put the pieces of the puzzle together and see the big picture of what is really going on. This year, 2015, has turned out to be one of the most intense of all since 2001. This year has been designated as the year the elite corporate slavery will end, the monetary system will be taken out of the hands of the corrupt banking system and an end to government corruption worldwide.

Right now, with the Paris bombing, we see the final play-out of the current “ruling elite” attempts to once again stop the blessings of freedom coming our way and push for the dreaded globalized NWO (New World Order). They did it with 9/11 and it took the world some years to finally catch on to lies about the attack that took the lives of innocent people. The most crushing evidence then was the total destruction of Building 7 which wasn’t hit by any plane or bomb.

This time around it only took hours for the truth to come out about the Paris attacks being staged and once again the campaigned “war on terror” taking the lives of innocent people. What most people did not realize was the day before the 9/11 campaign, the United States of America had just signed in NESARA, the National Economic Security and Reformation Act which was to dramatically change the lifestyles of America and the world.

We are once again at this pinnacle of time. This time around the so-called “powers that be” a.k.a. the current ruling elite will not get the upper-hand and delay this blessings of freedom from reaching the people. We have a guarantee clause in all of this called the Magrav Unit, free plasma energy release by Mehran T. Keshe on October 26, 2015 after meeting with UN Ambassadors on October 16, 2015. Why is it a guarantee? Because regardless of what France does or the other countries who are in cahoots with the current ruling Elite, the rest of the world, especially the third world countries will become the richest nations in the world because of this Free Energy Unit. (Watch entire video for more information).

So what is the Paris bombing really all about? It is nothing more than the CURRENT “ruling governmental elite” act of genocide to push the public into believing we need Globalization in order to stop the propagandized “war on terrorism”.  The “war on terrorism” is a media propaganda campaign created to instill fear or an intellectual terrorism on the public to cover up the atrocious crimes that the Elite European & Western Countries have committed in the name of corporate greed, power and enslavement and that they now have to face.

We, HUMAN BEINGS, are being killed and sacrificed in a GEO-POLITICAL game of ELITE CHESS where only the 1% gets to dictate and create rules & regulations for the 99% of the world population continuing decades of MANUFACTURED poverty, lack and dissension using race, culture, religion, etc. to keep us divided and easier to manipulate.

ISIS is one of many proxy Groups like Al-Qai’da created by the current ruling governmental elite in order to discipline those Nation states who stand resistant to the strong-arm bullying tactics of the European & US Imperialism a.k.a. NATO a.k.a. Ruling Elite a.k.a. Western Intelligence Agencies a.k.a. Western Corporate Elite a.k.a. New World Order Elite group.

Even President Putin wants us to see the bigger picture to what is happening. Notice how calm he is at the G20 Summit. Clearly, the world is not in a panic as the media would like us to believe.

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More and more evidence is coming forward to show that this is another false flag operation pointing to the fictitious ISIS group as the culprits. The aim is to undermine the progress & peace that is in full swing with the removal of the private owned Federal Reserve System which stops the creation of fiat money for precious-metal backed currency; the release of Free Plasma Energy devices worldwide which means less fossil fuel exploitation; and the implementation of NESARA/GESARA which forgives debt nationally and globally.

Within hours of the bombing, Wikipedia reported a very detailed article on what transpired. It even went as far as to report that the French President declared a state of emergency before it was even televised. Read about it here: Wikipedia has Full Coverage of Paris Massacre Less than Two Hours after the Event

Also reported on YouTube – one reporter boldly giving the truth about what is happening behind the scenes unlike the reporters spreading fear around the globe.

So the only ones left to act is us, the citizens of the world. How will we respond to this “crisis”? Will we go into a panic and demand extra protection by the militia? Or will we unite together and demand peace and an end to the fabrication of war? Are we ready to go beyond blame and shame and embrace the coming changes?

We must do our part in spreading the truth and DECLARING WORLD PEACE. The ONLY thing in jeopardy of being lost is OUR FREEDOM from CORPORATE SLAVERY by NOT SPEAKING UP and saying “WE’VE HAD ENOUGH OF LIES, ENOUGH OF WAR, ENOUGH OF KILLINGS. This is what we have been born, raised and educated into believing that the corporate slavery way of life is the only way of living.

The continual “SACRIFICE” of our FELLOW HUMAN CITIZENS for the SO-CALLED “Greater Good” of the corporate elite can only stop is WE THE PEOPLE UNITE together and DECLARE PEACE.
WE will not buy into the fear hype!
WE will not buy into the belief that our way of life is being jeopardized, SLAVERY IS NOT LIVING!!
WE will not buy into the belief that we need for military security!
WE will not buy into the belief that we need for martial law to strip us of our freedoms!
WE will not buy into the idea that the world is not safe just because 1% of our population is terrorizing & killing innocent human beings!

We are in the final stages of world peace let’s unite like never before and get the job done!

“We have a final word for all. We ask for a rise in your focus on peace and freedom. Together, we can ensure that the last steps in what has been a long march to freedom finally reaches its grand goal. At present, there are a number of activities being completed. “One of the most beautiful talents of humanity is to rediscover the power of mercy and the instrument that is divine grace. With this in hand, you are ready to learn elements that this new rising consciousness can give you.” 
~ PlanetaryOrganization Activation

UPDATE:  I recently read this article that will give more detailed information about what is behind the false flags and innocent lives being sacrificed. If you're ready to learn more about what is truly going on and even though the famous line by Jack Nicholson in "A Few Good Men" says "You can't handle the truth!" I believe you can!! Click here for David Wilcox - DISCLOSURE SHOWDOWN: The War For The Truth

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