Thursday, September 11, 2014

Breaking Free From the Matrix: The Hindsight of 9/11

I remember that day as if it was yesterday, instead of 13 years ago.  I was four-months pregnant with my last child when I got the call that one of the Towers of the World Trade Center was hit. I immediately ran to turn on the TV, my stomach in knots. I saw the image of the left tower hit and then a plane hit the right tower as the reporter continued to give accounts and show the live footage. And then, all of a sudden, these massive towers collapsed one after the other. My mouth dropped in disbelieve; tears rolled down my eyes, and my belly started cramping up.

All I could think about was my family in New York, was everyone safe? Were people able to make it out alive? And then more news, the Pentagon was attacked, and another hijacked plane was heading to the White House but was heroically brought down in Pennsylvania by a “few good men”. What was our world coming to? Who would do this? We were told, terrorist from the Middle East. The reasons why really didn’t matter, all we knew is that the mighty United States was vulnerable. We were not safe and foreigners that looked, walked, or seemed Middle Eastern were responsible.

It made sense that the United States would go on lockdown, after that unspeakable tragedy. The creation and upgrade of Homeland Security was a necessity.  As was the right for all intelligence agencies to invade our privacy via internet, phone, cell phones, mail, etc. America was right to call for immediate retribution. It didn’t matter that a thorough investigation was not conducted, we wanted justice.  And it was alright to ostracize anyone who looked like the culprits. We were fearful and fighting for our lives. It wasn’t safe to fly any more not even in-country; it wasn’t safe to travel out of the country; our government couldn’t even protect itself, the Pentagon. We understood the need to tighten security at our borders to make sure the terrorist could not do a repeat attack.