Friday, September 25, 2015

Signs of the Times – The Last Days or New Beginnings?

Both sayings are familiar phrases that have us in a state of limbo or so it seems.

For the religious person it means the end of the world physically and the second coming of Christ. For the spiritual persons it means the end of the third dimension and the launching of the first wave of ascension. To the heart-consciously aware it means more changes, more growth, more self-loving and more anchoring. To everyone else it means something has got to give because it’s getting harder and harder to live in survival mode as many are at the end of their rope.

Interestingly enough, each one of these groups are correct and expressing the same thing in their own unique way.  The full understanding of what each means usually comes after deadlines have passed but the bottom line is change is in the air, the signs are everywhere and we are definitely in the last days of something.

 We are stepping into a time of new awareness. The masses are realizing that things do not happen literally the way we’ve been taught or according to how we are told they would happen. Being creatures of HABIT, the majority of us rely on the tradition of “show me proof so I can believe” instead of relying on the built-in truth gauge we were born with, OUR INTUITION our ability to believe by feeling and sensing the energetic changes within our Being and that is our proof.

For instance the year 2012 was predicted to be the end of the world, according to theologians, the new agers, the spiritual teachers, etc. Even astrologers predicted it. The everyday people who don’t follow any specific teachings could feel it in the air and see it through the calamities happening all around them that something climatic was afoot. Yet, here we are three years later and according to what our third dimensional eyes can see we are still here, the earth didn’t dissolve, Christ didn’t come in the clouds of glory…so there were no changes because there was no physical evidence.

The same thing happened for the year 2K. “Seeing is believing” as the saying goes. And because we don’t see it we discount every prophecy, every theory, and every prediction as a bunch of bullshit or a miscalculation. We look around us and say “this is how it’s always gonna be”. Yet, deep within, in the recesses of our minds, our spirit or intuitiveness says this is not true. Something is different, something has changed. Why have we lasted this long? When is the bottom going to be dropped from underneath us or when is our savior coming because something just isn’t quite right? Instead of feeling hope (what our intuition is saying YES we have hope now) we fall back into the same old pattern of “if I can’t see it, it can’t be true, I’m scared”. The creature of habit turns to fear, old ways of thinking, and old ways of living.

It is the habit of becoming fearful when evidence can’t be seen that is keeping us from reading and seeing signs of positive change all around us. It is time we become aware of who we are. We are not bodies that have a spirit. We are spirit beings that have a 3D body. The spirit came first and the 3D body later. If that wasn’t true then there would be a whole lot of bodies still functioning once the spirit leaves them.

As spirit beings our first sight is not according to what the physical eye sees, it’s according to what we intuitively feel. We have been taught or conditioned/brainwashed to believe it is the other way around and intuition is not our first sight.  Not sure if this is true or not? An infant when it is born doesn’t see, he/she uses intuition to know who mom is and learn about her/his environment.

So what can we learn from the two years (2K and 2012) of predicted monumental changes that physically didn't occur?  The need for physical “proof” and “evidence” are overvalued and outdated. That need for “physical evidence” is designed to keep us in a state of fear and uncertainty, in the constant cycle of believing that life won’t change so why get “involved”. Involved in living life the way you always wanted to—peacefully. Involved in being an active catalyst in changing the world politically—believing that your voice, your feelings, YOU really matter. Involved in being consciously aware of how your behavior and actions cause pleasure or pain to the next human being and the planet we all depend on.

Just take a moment to reflect on why we are still here and the reason why we can’t see the signs of things becoming better. (Of course it doesn’t help that our educational system and mass media are part of the “blind leading the blind”-feed-the-fear in the creature of habit syndrome. But that’s another topic of discussion).

What if I were to tell you that the real job of prophecy and predictions were not to be used as a “road map” set in stone, but a “hypothetical possibility” if we keep experimenting with life the way we do and it takes only a slight majority experimenting in the same way to make the “hypothetical possibility” a reality?

So let’s look at the reality we are experiencing right now on a physical level, in 2015. No major destruction, war, calamity, or rapture in the clouds has taken place where it has wiped out half the world or been experienced by the majority.

How do we interpret this? Does this mean the Bible was incorrect? Does it mean the prophets or predictors or astrology was incorrect?

Let’s try this perception on for a change – prophecy/predictions of destruction did their jobs to sway the slight majority to make the necessary changes so that we can move into a state of peace, howbeit ever gradually.

The fact that the avoidance of WWIII or any major destruction ever taking place has been averted and the fact that this happened right under our noses without the majority of us being consciously aware, should have us jumping for joy and then scratching our heads. The predictions of WWIII, a New World Order, the mark of the beast, the end of the world did not take place in the year 2K or 2012. And the slight majority is whom we have to thank for making this possible.

The slight majority are the ones who understand that “physical evidence and proof” are not the catalyst of change. Dreams, visions, thoughts, and feelings of peace and love for everyone implemented in daily life by being consciously aware of how your behavior and actions affect another human being or life and our planet are the real change makers.

The desire to be better is where it starts. The act of putting that desire into action is how we create a momentum and majority. This is a part of our Human Nature that the majority of us didn’t know existed.  It is the most powerful attribute we have, the power of our thoughts. The more loving and positive our thoughts are the more positive our reality becomes. That is what “The Secret & the Law of Attraction” book and movie was trying to show us using money as a motivation tool since it was the same tool used to enslave us.

Now, it is up to us to change our perspective of what we have been told or have heard about the “end of the world” and the “signs of the times”.  We create the reality we live in based on the combination of our thoughts and feelings.  Prophecy and predictions job is to show us “hypothetical potentials” and because things haven’t happened the way we thought they should or according to how we were taught about them, doesn’t mean it was a lie or falsehood…it just means we need to expand our consciousness and perception about them.

So if this blog brings up questions for you, I encourage you to go within and go without your normal range of resources to answer them without fear being a factor in your research. I will answer the questions that arose for me according to my intuitiveness and research.

Did the end of the world happen? Yes it did. The end of a world system and cycle did take place.

Did the second coming of Christ happen? Yes it did. Christ is a state of being, a consciousness and yes it is here.

Did the third dimension end? Yes it has, it is in the final stages of manifestation.

Did the first wave of ascension happen? Yes it did. Technically we have many first waves.

Are we at the end of survival mode? Yes we are. This should not bring up fears of the future; instead we have hope for the future and a better understanding of where we stand in the present.

The time to listen to your heart and intuition is NOW, more-so-than ever before. Knowledge is power. Read and strive to learn more than what we have been traditionally taught. Those teachings all had their time and place but it’s now time to graduate from the old way of seeing and believing, “evidence and proof”. Life is about to get really good. The New Heaven and New Earth is already here – within you just waiting for you to manifest it into reality.

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