Monday, December 27, 2010

Species Interaction - Parasitism, Commensalism, Mutualism: What relationship are you in?

I am working on week 7 of my Interactive Science class and I'm learning about species interactions.  And being that one of the topics I love to discuss are relationships, it dawn on me that we have been in relationships that are similar to what I'm learning.  So here are the basic definitions:

  • Parasitism - self explanatory, parasites.  One gets all the benefits and the other gets all the harm.  The books example is a tape worm in a human being.  The tape worm gets the benefits, nutrients it needs from your body to survive.  This causes us to be depleted of our nutrients, makes us sick, and if not treated we'll die.  This sounds like most abusive relationships.
  • Commensalism - One gets the benefits and the other is neutral.  This sounds like the place I work were supposedly you are all a team.  You each have different departments to work in but responsible for the whole section.  If for some reason a team member doesn't finish there area you take up the slack and you don't get recognition for it.  Instead you are rewarded as a team.  The slacker gets a free ride on the tails of his team members.
  • Mutualism - Both get the benefits.  This is how I want my next relationship to be like.  So sick of the one-sided love affairs.
It's a scary thing trying to get back in the dating game.  You don't want to make the same mistakes of your past relationships and yet it keeps hovering.  Everyone you talk to talks a good game, but when it boils down to it, their talk is not the way they walk.  And why does it seem like they know to say exactly what you want to hear.  Time is my friend, it always reveals to me the truth.

I especially see that at work dealing with the X, just when you think things are flowing smoothly, that communication is getting better, time brings out the truth.  You once again get the reaffirmation of why you divorced in the first place.  The saying "time will tell" is no joke.  You just have to be patient, listen, and store what you hear and see.  Eventually you will either see consistencies or inconsistencies.

Here's a poem that shows that:  Older and Wiser

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