Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Finally Getting My Release

So I finally got my release.  And it's sad that it took me so long cause I knew what I needed to do and that is pray.  That's always the key.  I'm still trying to make that my habit, the moment I feel distressed is to pray.

I can always remember to give praises and glory to God for the good things.  I just need to work on doing it for the distressful things.  Sounds backwards, but so true.  For some reason staying mad just seems easier than to forgive, even though in your heart of hearts you know its not right.  So when that happens its just time to pray.

I did that, even though, my head wasn't in it, and I felt the release.  It's the beginning and that release feels good. I'm not weighed down with negativity, cause that just brings on depression, then self-destruction.  Just not worth it.

In all things God must be the center.  That's my goal and I'm working on it.

Poem:  My Release Prayer

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