Wednesday, January 21, 2015

2015 NEW Perspective, NEW Life, and a NEW World - Making All Things NEW

If you haven’t started the 2015 New Year with a whole NEW lease on life, guess what? It’s not too late. 

2015 is going to be the best year ever!  How do I know this?
Because you INTEND it to be so.  That's all it takes, your declaration of intention that 2015 will be the best year of your life and the beginning of a NEW You!!

Over the last few years I joined with many other Lightworkers to do my part in exposing the truth about the governments of the world and all the corrupt practices going on across the globe. I encouraged readers to start doing their own research, to expand their awareness, and most importantly, to start to dream again. To not believe in the stories the “media outlets” continue to spread, that the world is in failure mode or that life won’t get any better (7.5 billion people have not lost hope and have not failed). To see the world system or Matrix for what it really is, a manufactured world of lack, famine, war, shortages, etc. for control and manipulation of the masses by the 1% super wealthy (Cabal).
Along with doing my part for the world community, I continue to work on myself to become the reflection of my Creator, All That Is, realizing that the answers to all problems great or small is LOVE. LOVE is not something that happens to you or that is done to you. It is YOU. It is ME.  

Our souls/beings were created in the image of our Creator, Love – that is our Origin. It is the “matter” from which we were created. We never lost Love, however we have been programmed to believe we did. We have been programmed to believe we are not enough, we are not worthy, and we are unloveable. This program of self-hatred has been promulgated by our media outlets (TV, radio, newspaper, magazines, internet), our governments, our educational systems, our religious factions, and last but not the least our cultures. 

Deep inside we know this to be true, that we are LOVE. And now knowing we were programmed to not feel our true essence should encourage us to release ourselves from the negative influences to get back to our original state. Yet, what we need is a different approach….something NEW. We’ve been taught that in order to bring about change we have to “take it by force” (LOVE does not force) or we have to “fight for our rights” (LOVE does not take away free will).

Yes, I get what that means, however look at what it has created….endless cycles of “flight and fight” “revolutions” “civil unrest”. Martin Luther King Jr. was on the right path….that of peace and love. He understood the fight was not physical but psychological.  What you think, see and feel is what you become and what you create around you. So if you think, feel and see that you are worthless, then everything around you becomes that way. If you think, feel and see that you are not enough than that is what the world becomes. Just imagine what would have happened had the 1% super wealthy been able to program 7.5 billion people to replicate patterns of self-hatred?

The point is, we are ALIVE, we are HERE for a REASON, and we are and always have been LOVE. LOVE is all we need.

This year, 2015, we need to focus on loving what our Creator made -- ourselves, our loving the planet, Mother Earth, and all living beings.

But how do we FOCUS on LOVE in a world were tragedies are happening all around us?

This is where I want to introduce an article about Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len who cured a criminally insane mental ward in two years without seeing one patient.

Why is this article so relevant to making 2015 a year of NEW Beginnings? It shows us a simple way to focus on shedding the programs of self-hatred for ourselves and the world (humanity) by focusing on LOVE, COMPASSION, FORGIVENESS, and GRATITUDE.

The Ho’oponopono prayer says “I love you, I’m sorry, Please Forgive Me, and Thank You”. Simple, right, but who says changing ourselves and changing our world has to be complicated (“The self-hatred program” does).

Take note: Dr. Hew Len, one man, did this for many souls just by focusing on the part of him that created them. Amazing right? Love is a much more powerful tool than what it is portrayed to be.

Let’s break this down into real-life application.

First, we begin with ourselves.  We know that what we think, feel, see about ourselves co-creates our world. We are responsible for how we react to someone or something else. No one is responsible for your choices but you. So when we are seeing or feeling things about ourselves that are unloving, we can use the Ho’oponopono prayer to uproot them.

For example, I forgot my best friend’s birthday again for the 3rd year in a row (fictional story by the way). I felt bad and thought myself to be the worst friend ever. She must hate me, I always forget hers but she never forgets mine. I’m so disgusted with myself for always forgetting.

That’s a lot of self-hatred going on there. Can you sense the feelings all that is bringing up? How far back in your childhood do you think can you trace feelings like that?  Take those feelings and say to yourself “I love you” I know your origin is love; “I’m sorry” I take responsibility for feeling this way; “Please forgive me” I choose not to feel this way anymore and give those unloving feelings to the Divine to take away and dissolved, leaving only Pure Love and compassion; and “Thank you” I am grateful for this experience of soul growth and shedding the layers of self-hatred.

Secondly, we can also apply this to what we see going on in the world. The tragedies happening every day that are getting the media coverage (keep in mind that it is rigged that way to keep us in a psychological state of hopelessness) that keep us on an emotional roller coaster of hatred, anger, injustice, disgust, helplessness, hopelessness, etc. We point fingers to the perpetrators and say they are the cause continuing the cycle of blame and shame along with the cycle of self-hatred in believing you can’t do anything to change it.

In these situations, we can use the Ho’oponopono prayer as we watch injustice unfold or read about it or hear about it. The feelings that are conjured up that are UNLOVING (goes against the grain of who/how we were created) we say…

“I love you” You were created in the image of likeness of Our Creator regardless of your actions now….
“I’m sorry” I may not know the origin of what created the experience you are feeling but I take responsibility for experiencing those same feelings in my being….
“Please forgive me” Forgive me for any part I may have played known or unknown in my actions, attitude, feelings that continues to feed the negative energies those feelings have produced repeatedly. I give it to the Divine to dissolve leaving only Pure Love and compassion.
“Thank you” For helping me to see the levels of self-hatred that come up for me in how I view others and myself to help me continue to grow to be a reflection of the Creator, All That Is.

As Dr. Hew Len said “I take the feeling, the complaint. I don’t hold it within, I don’t give it to the other person, or company. I take it to the Divine.”

We have the power to make this year the best year of our lives and the best this planet has ever seen.

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