Friday, March 7, 2014

3 Books Free To Download for the Truth about Government & Economic Slavery

Fellow Slave-workers, I mean Co-workers....
Yeah I'm talking about you working that 9-5 job that you hate 
Slaving for the Corporate America like it's your fate

Wake-up and smell freedom's coffee - 3 books
That just might want to make you take a second look
At what you think is True Living

Don't get distracted
Because before long master's gonna get a-wackin
Through debt, TV, video games...a few of the major distraction's names

It's time to break the chains of ignorance
Knowledge is the key
Use it every time you sit down and have a moment to just be

And Read

By Ele J. All Copyrights Reserved

The Three Books to start you on your Journey to Freedom from World Dominating Corporate Slavery 

The Creature From Jekyll Island: A Second Look At the Federal Reserve

The Confessions of A Economic Hitman

Banking and Currency & the Money Trust

PS. Please pass this on through the New Underground Railroad - The Internet

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