Thursday, August 14, 2014

Breaking through the Matrix: How We All Can Honor the Passing of Robin Williams

One of the greatest comedians of all times passed away August 11, 2014. Robin Williams, born July 21, 1951, made his debut as a co-star on the Mork and Mindy Show. His show was one of the few I enjoyed watching as a child. He was extremely talented and a great actor. I've watched his actor career over the years, watched almost every movie he ever starred in and I never crossed my mind that he was suffering from depression and the early stages of Parkinson disease. Nor would I have ever thought he had a struggle with alcoholism and cocaine addiction.

He hid it well, but most of the celebrities in our entertainment world does that anyways.  As a matter of fact, it’s becoming the new normal.  It is becoming such a mindless thing to hear about famous people or wealthy people becoming victims of depression, alcoholism, drugs, etc. that we just brush it aside as “oh well, that’s just part of life” or “that’s just the life of the rich and the famous”.  But is it really part of life. Why are we so accepting that those “vices” are just a part of living life on planet Earth? 

There are 7 Billion + people that populate the earth now, and believe me when I say that the majority of us don’t live life that way at all. It’s not normal to be strung out on drugs, depressed, alcoholic, etc.

So how can we honor his passing and the passing of so many entertainers that commit suicide, OD on drugs, etc.? By seeing what pulled them into the Matrix, the worldwide rat race of so-called success, in the first place and making sure we don’t become willing preys or predators.

Being a prey or predator of the Matrix doesn't mean that you have to do drugs or become an alcoholic. You don’t have to be rich and famous either. Anytime you believe you are not entitled to peace, love, prosperity, happiness, joy, forgiveness, and compassion, you have bought into the Matrix beliefs and depression, anxiety, stress, worry are sure to follow. This just leads up to drugs and alcoholism.  

I’m sure you’re thinking “No way, that’s not me, I would never take a drug”. Okay, so when was the last time you took an aspirin or another form of pain medicine? How about something for indigestion or heartburn? We take drugs all the time to cover up symptoms and it’s become so normal that we don’t think how unnecessary it really is or that it even is a drug (psst read the label).

A lot of disease (dis-Ease) and disorders are symptoms of accepting the Matrix as reality instead of seeing it for the fiction it really is. 

So what is the Matrix?  The simplest explanation is the acceptance of what we see and what we have been told is how our lives should be lived instead of living a life of love, peace, and abundance.  Poverty, rich, poor, hatred, race, gender, religious differences, cultural differences, borders, education, hunger, thirst, pollution, war – the acceptance of these things as part of life on earth is the Matrix.

Every institution in the world has bought into this Matrix one way or the other by adding to the separatism, the fighting, and the pettiness of superiority.  They are all fighting to see who gets to remain on top or to see who can get the most accolades. And this is all for what purpose? To make the world a better place? 

How has this way of thinking worked so far? Why do we keep feeding into this Matrix system that generates the same results day after night after day after night? And who says this is the only way that we can live.

Survival – that is the stamp the Matrix has branded into our souls from the time we were born. They have programmed us to believe that survival is living and in order to live right you have to fight for everything.  Look at all the businesses around you. Look at all the governments, churches, schools.  Is this way of thinking working?  Are we done being doormats or puppets in the battle between the institutions to see who can stay on top?

We are all HUMAN Beings under the same umbrella, the EARTH.  At some point we agreed to borders, to certain individuals being leaders of government, and allowed the value of money to be twisted and used to enslave us instead of free us.  The time for change is now, today.

Now please understand it is not my intention to upset you or bring your spirits down. My intention is to wake you up and see that by doing nothing we are part of the problem and not the solutionThe solution lies within each and every one of us. We all want peace in our lives, to be happy, and to live happy. So first things first –STOP giving away your power to the Matrix, to all the systems of the Matrix that do not promote the pursuit of happiness and prosperity of ALL.

The Solution is YOU. Empower yourself with tools that help you break out of the Matrix thinking. Start dreaming again and believe in your God-given abilities to create peace, love, and happiness for all.  

There are a few tools that can start you on your journey, a journey that I am on as well that I have found to be keys to getting rid of depression, anxiety, stress, drugs, disorders, diseases, and alcoholism.  "Stargate of the Heart" the book or the audio, the book "Who Am I, Why Am I Here" by Patricia Cota-Robles are two tools to help you break free from the Matrix.  And another tool that is often overlooked is the power of Meditation. It’s time to take back your power and these can help you do that.

So what have you got to lose? If you've never meditated before, there are many videos on Youtube that can help you to begin. If any of this speaks to your heart, then you are ready to be a solution to the problem and break free from the Matrix.

Robin Williams contribution to our world will be sorely missed.  There is an answer to all the problems he faced, that so many others. It is time, it is pass time to call an end to the Matrix.


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