Thursday, September 19, 2013

GOT FREE WILL? Then why aren't you using it?

     I've often heard the question asked "Why does God allow bad things to happen to us? Or where was HE when this happened? Or if there is a God, why isn't HE saving us now?

     The answer is simple. HE created us with FREE WILL.  That means HE gives us choices and HE respects our choices. By respecting us HE complies with our decisions regardless of what it is.

     The ones who have tampered with this are our fellow human beings. Our co-inhibitors of Mother Earth, have tried to Lord or rule over us in a superior fashion, however they could not do this unless we gave them the power.

     You may ask "what power is that"? Our FREE WILL.

     You may say, "I didn't and would never give anyone my freedom of thinking & doing for myself".

     Well, let me ask you this? The job/career you work today, are you there because it was always your desire to have that position? Was this what you dreamed you would be doing when you were younger? Or when you finished school, is this the job/career you envisioned? Or are you there because it helps you make your ends meet?

     Okay. So you may still say that you didn't give up your FREE WILL.  So, let me ask you this? When was the last time you went on a trip or vacation that was not based on the amount of money you have or saved up? And how about the food you eat everyday? Are you eating the foods you want to or what you can afford to eat? Are you choosing the same food you would if all the food in the world was free?

     The home you live in, is that what you always dreamed of? If money did not limit you would this still be the home of your choice? Or would you move somewhere else?

     If the answer to any of these questions is "I wouldn't change a thing" then I commend you, you have NOT given away your power.  However, if you have answered differently, then the time to take back your power is now.  Not tomorrow, not when things get better financially, or any other excuse you can make.  Start today. Start by writing down or remembering your dreams about life without restrictions, without the limits of money or anything in your life that stopped you from dreaming.  You know what or who they are.

     We were created in the image and likeness of God (Gen. 1:27).

     There are those who may not believe in God.  And that's fine, however, we are still created with the same structures, bones, flesh, brains, and a soul.  God made us with FREE WILL, so why would HE not respect our choices, even the limited ones.  When we stopped dreaming and projecting what we wanted our lives to be like, we limited the abundance that God would have given us.

     HE created us to be like HIM, to create or envision and it be so.  In order to get your power back, you must first start by unshackling the mind. Start dreaming again. Ask yourself what were you most passionate about before you were told either by society, family, or friends that "that is not realistic" or "you can't afford to do that", or "you will have to put that on the backburner".

     Take time for yourself.  Take yourself for a walk in nature or out to eat and have a heart to heart with you. Be honest with you and ask the free you, what the original plan was.  Does this make you nervous, anxious, or scared? Do you find the idea foolish? Those are just the habitual limitations we were taught coming back to haunt you.

    You need to empower yourself.  Don't give into the hype of fear, for remember "FEAR is not of God" 2 Tim 2: 7. God did not create the spirit of fear, our fellow humans did.  And why would they do that? Because fear keeps us in a controlled environment.  Fear holds us back from becoming the magnificent beings God created us to be.

     It is my hope that I have gotten the wheels of your mind turning to open your heart to the experience of free, again.  Below are some of the tools that helped me.  They may or may not help you but never the less they are there for your exploration and discovery into you.

State of Mind: The Psychology of Control by Alex Jones

Thrive: What on Earth will it take?

Signs of Your Awakening

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  1. Beautifully spoken and very intuitive and most of all so true! Thanks for sharing