Monday, September 30, 2013

God Loves Beyond Measure....And So Can I

This is a beautiful thought for today and a testament as what TRUE LOVE is all about.  Thank you Heaven's Letters for releasing us from our misconceptions and limitations!

God Loves Beyond Measure
Heavenletter #4692 Published on: September 29, 2013
God said:
Accept how much I love you, love you as you are. Accept how much I love you and how much My love is dependent upon nothing but My love for you and not upon qualifying standards that you may think you have to strive for. It behooves you not to wait for My love dependent upon your earning it. My love is sacrosanct. My love is not changeable. My love for you is dependent upon My love for you which is a constant. It is not dependent upon your sense of peace or worth or anything. My love is not something that you have to qualify for. Judgment is not My way nor is judgment your way. My love is not a kind of fraternity in which you have to be selected. My love is not exclusive. My love is inclusive.

I award My love to all. My love is a given. It is the one thing you can count on. My love for you is a given, and it is a given never withdrawn from you. I do not give with one hand and take back with another. My love is a sure thing. My love is given freely. And you are to do the same.

You are not to assess My love as though it were a levy according to your perception of events in your life. You do not total up all the figures to make sure I did it right. No, My love is given spontaneously. I do not size you up. I do not weigh you on a scale. I do not deal in pounds and ounces or other kinds of worldly measures.

I do not measure. I love.

I do not look askance. How are you to go beyond worldly measurements unless I do the same? If I had a scale, which I don’t, by what right would I weigh a child of Mine with My thumb on the scale? Would I have a cut-off? Would I be so arbitrary? No. I have no elite squad. My children are not required to be what you call enlightened.

Life itself is an initiation. You learn your way in life. I am not a God Who tells you to do what I say and not what I do. Not at all. My love is not hit or miss or just sometimes depending. There is a big difference between earmarking love and simply giving it. I give. I bet on everyone.

I am not a dealer nor an assessor. I do not give to only those with a proven record. Your record does not proceed you. Love proceeds you, beloveds. What does My love have to do with performance? As if you first have to measure up, and then I love you. I love you first. I love you first, and I love you irrevocably. I do not tease you with love. What kind of a God do you think I am?

I am a constant God. It is not hit or miss with Me. I am definitely for you, and for you regardless of the relative world. If you want to say I love you anyway, you can say that, but I do not see it as loving you regardless. I simply love you. There is nothing I have to set aside or hold in abeyance.

You can say, if you like, that you have to earn My love, yet that is not how it is. Let Us say that I give you all My love before anything else, and, then, as it happens, love swirls in your heart. But nowhere do I have the idea of your meriting My love or not meriting it. I don’t think that way. I do not think in those terms. My love is well-founded. It is My love, and I give it across the board. I give love. I give it. I give it. I give it.

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